Turning 18th should not be overlooked because to most eighteen year olds it is a big deal.   Celebrating such a memorable date is very important.  It doesn’t matter if he is your boyfriend or just a good mate the gift should be special.

Choosing a striking present is not very difficult. Let’s face it just because he is coming of age he must give up on cool toys.  Our first choice is an incredible toy that any boy should have no matter what age he is turning.

 iPhone Wi-Fi Remote Rover with Video Recording

iPhone Controlled Wi-Fi Rover w/Video Recording

Our first choice by far because you allow him to unite passions; He can use his beloved iPad along with playing with a remote control car all while recording a video.  Warning: We are not responsible for any pranks that could easily be accomplished with the Wi-Fi Rover.

 Superman Cufflinks - Got a super man? Let him know about it!

Superman Cufflinks

With new age comes more dressing up opportunities.   A must for Superman fans, this very becoming gift will make him look as stylish as the hero himself.    Cufflinks are made out of pure rhodium with silver and black colouring.   Great choice to prove he is moving from boy to man without giving up on all he loves.

 iSwim Waterproof Case w/Headphones.  Enjoy your tunes on the beach, in the pool, on the boat or anywhere!

iSwim Waterproof Case w/Headphones

Most eighteen year olds love water sports and music.  Now they can swim and be connected to their iPod or MP3 player safely.  Because music should be a part of everything you do at the beach, the pool or sailing.   It includes waterproof headphones and an armband.

Desktop Soccer

With World Cup 2014 just around the corner this is a perfect option for Soccer Maniacs!  He can plan his own desktop soccer World Cup.    To get in the mood watch this video showing the great action of the desktop soccer table.

Zip Earphones

Because music should be with us at all times getting the birthday boy a great set of earphones just makes sense.  Their innovative design keeps them from tangling up over and over again.  Just zip and store when done.  Colours vary from orange, black and pink.