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Believe it or not HR managers take into consideration the way people get along with each other to evaluate them.  Their behaviour shows whether they are staying for the long haul or are only quick visitors in the office environment.  The way people engage says a lot about the organization as a whole.  When relationships are based on respect and common ground the overall production or work results are benefited.

There are many things that could improve work relationships.  Giving a present is probably one of the best ways to do so.  Unique gifts are the kind that allows the recipient to feel acknowledged, understood, important.

Timing is everything and especially in an office environment. Showing up out of nowhere with a sack of presents some might make everyone aware that you have “Santa syndrome”; but on a serious note people might speculate if you are trying to gain a promotion, advancement etc.

The obvious celebrations are best to be unique.  For example birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, retirement, promotions, office changes (new building, new office etc.), company anniversary, team building activities and other types not mentioned here.   If you are an HR manager a good idea is to recognise the anniversary of the employee arrival to the company.  Most definitely it will allow workers to feel irreplaceable and appreciated. Office related celebrations such as secretary day or boss day for example are also great opportunities to award someone.

Just to give you an idea of what type of gifts can be categorised unique and appropriate; we gathered a few examples.  You can decide the best occasion or the celebration that merits it.