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Australia celebrates Teachers’ Day the last Friday of October.   The commemoration is in fact a worldwide celebration instituted by the UNESCO in 1994.  The purpose is to thank and recognize educators.  The worldwide celebration takes place during the first week of the month.  But because usually schools have holidays the festivity was moved to the last week of October.

There are plenty of reasons to thank all your teachers and not only your favourite ones.  We’ve all got that one Teacher that has changed our life for good.  Teachers are the backbone of society helping parents instructs the future leaders of our country.

Since the job requires a huge amount of patience, dedication, instruction and love they deserve to be rewarded.  So take the time to get a special token of appreciation for the teacher that has motivated you to be what you are now; even if he or she did it twenty years ago.  The best part of getting online presents is that you can choose and have it delivered directly to the teacher with a special note or personalisation.

Tips for an outstanding online shopping experience:

  •  Usually next day or two day services cost more.
  • Flat delivery fee.  A flat fee is the same no matter how many items you purchase, from 1 to 100 the delivery fee will always be the same.
  • You can know where the purchase is at an approximate the delivery time.

Our Favourite Gift Ideas to Give Teachers: