Gag Gifts are Excellent Birthday Presents! Gag Gifts are Excellent Birthday Presents!

In case you don’t know what Gag gifts are, we found the official definition by the authority guide on gift giving… Giftypedia and it defines it as:

A gift given to someone with the intention of poking fun at that person, (hopefully harmless fun), expecting laughter in return”

Birthdays should be fun and giving a gag gift is the perfect way to accomplish it.  A fact worth mentioning is that when purchasing such presents most of the time they are very cheap and you can find them easily online.

But giving gag gifts should not be taken lightly.  The task can be a real challenge if not done properly; because you must be sure the recipient will get the joke and not get offended or even upset at your fun pocking.  Such types of presents are perfect for friends turning 40 or 50 or more for that matter.   You can get an inexpensive gag gift to laugh it up and then a more serious and personalised birthday present.

Be mindful that not everyone appreciates such gesture.  The key is to know the recipient very well and not allow the gift to become the center of attention on his or her day.  If the possibility arises for you to give the present in private the internal joke will be a pleasant tale between you two for years ahead.

Now there are different types of gag gifts to choose in order to give the perfect birthday present.  Gag gifts can be humorous, disgusting, sexual or all of the previously mentioned.  So we can’t stress enough the fact that you should know or at least try to anticipate the reaction of the birthday boy or birthday girl.

To give you an idea of what types of gag gifts you can give.  Find below our favourites:

 Ear Shaped Case for iPhone 4 - Attract everyone’s attention every time you make a call!

Ear Shaped Case for iPhone 4

We all know someone who practically lives with their phone on their ear.  They will definitely appreciate the big ear case and if they are as connected as they seem they probably have two phones one for work and one for home so they can have a set of big ears to show around.

 Toilet Golf - Practice putting on your very own private green.

Toilet Golf

For the golf lover that doesn’t want to waste any time and needs to practice bring the golf course to the bathroom.  Like we said earlier gag presents are great birthday presents for retired or older people.

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