Personalised gifts are always personal.  The aim of the article is to define the line between getting personal and being tacky.  We all know the fate of some personalised gifts, and that is usually rummage sales.  Take the following advice and ideas to be sure the lucky recipient keeps it for the long run.

The reaction when receiving the gift, will allow you to know if you made the right choice.  Just because it has their name or face it does not mean it is personal.  Be sure the gift goes with their personality, likes, hobbies, hopes and dreams.  Because personalisation means getting personal, be sure the lucky receiver is someone you are close to or know quite well.

Gift for the Sophisticated That Belong to the Gentry

This is the perfect gift to bestow the legal title of Scotland’s Lair or Lady and at the same times become owner of a piece of land in the grounds of Dunans Castle.   The gift includes:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Gift Explanation
  • Registration Details
  • Life as a Laird or Lady booklet
  • A History of Dunans Castle and a Souvenir Poster
  • Free tour of the Dunans Castle and grounds and visit the exact plot of land
  • Presented in a luxury metal gift tin

Gift for the Guiding Star or Future Astronaut 

Name a star is a romantic token of love, a perfect way to show your friend or child support if they wish to become an astronaut.  Guiding stars can shine and illuminate the world with their own star. The personalised gift contains:

  • Welcome Letter and Your Gift Explained Form
  • Gift Registration Form
  • Star Details leaflet and a History of Stars leaflet
  • Stars Facts and Figures
  • Stars & Astronomy Booklet
  • Constellations Souvenir poster

Gift for the Remarkable, Extraordinary, Incredible Child

Every kid wants to be an action hero so why not give them a personalised 30 min DVD featuring them.  They will fight a villain, fly, and show off their martial arts.  It is a great gift to give kids, perfect gift for grandparents as well as unconditional aunts and uncles.

  • Personalised action filled adventure where the Kid is the star
  • Full colour 3D animation with sound effects and music
  • Features 10 photo-personalised action scenes
  • Run Time: 30 minutes

Gift for the Novelist or Bookworm

Being part of a classic tale is not a dream anymore.  Get a personalised classic novel and the story keep being the same, but the characters change.  The famous novel includes the names of the gift receiver and friends instead of the original.  Also choose your boss and co-workers or you and your family the possibilities are endless.  Choose from the following titles:

  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Dracula
  • Frankenstein
  • Peter Pan
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • The Three Musketeers
  • The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
  • Treasure Island

Gift for the Barbie King or Master Chef

Summer is not perfect without a delicious BBQ every week.  With the Custom Branding BBQ Iron, it is possible to sign, write messages and make statements branding delicious meat or veggies.  The possibilities are endless stamping words like:

The previous examples prove that personalisation can get personal.  All the gifts above are surely going to be received joyfully and enjoyed over and over again.