Corporate gifts should be chosen and purchased with plenty of time.  Gifts can be given to loyal customers, partnering companies, or staff members.  We want to be clear that, at, you can find great gifts.  Keep in mind the set pre-Christmas delivery dates, before ordering.  To receive items with standard delivery, order on or before the 17th of December.  For Standard Express, the date set is Friday the 20th of December, and for a last chance you still have Super Express delivery by December 23rd.

We want to share a few tips before we add ideas of perfect gifts.  First be sure to know about any giving and accepting gift policies your customers or partner companies might have.  Some companies do not allow employees to receive gifts so being aware will save you and them from an awkward situation.  If the gifts are for employees, then set a price limit or know the budget you can use.  It is best to give technologically related items or office use gifts.  Stay away from gag gifts, politically inclined or religiously toned options.

Five Great Corporate Gift Options

USB Cup Warmer To keep employees alert and happy, their tea or coffee should not get cold.   Did you know that half of the beverages poured are either consumed cold or thrown? Using the USB cup warmer is as simple as its name.  Plug into the USB port place the cup and keep it warm.

GrippyGreat gift for business traveling staff, drivers, messengers and anyone that spends half of their working day driving.   This anti-slip mat attaches to a car’s surface (for example a dashboard) and allows items to be sticked to it.  Tech devices, sunglasses, coins, parking tickets, and other items just stick to the mat.

Digital Luggage Scales – Executives that travel often will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Everyone knows overload means extra fees.  This scale can weigh up to 50k and also tell you the current temperature.  Useful, practical, small and portable, are all great reasons to give it as a corporate gift.

Smart Emergency Charger  – Although there are outlets almost anywhere, sometimes the juice runs out during important moments and hard to connect places.  This device works with two AA batteries.  It is compatible with most smartphone brands.  Your co-workers will remember you every time they use this handy gadget.

Ultimate Key Finder – With this small but useful gift, you will never hear the excuse again “I could not find my keys”  every time someone is late to work.  Unlike earlier models that you had to whistle or clap, this device has a credit card size remote control that calls for you.