The holiday shopping rush could turn your end of the year into a real nightmare.  Instead of enjoying the sun and the long awaited summer holidays, people get frustrated and stuck indoors to get present buying done. Avoid having to mingle with crazy bargain hunters at popular shopping centres by purchasing online.

Online browsing could be done at any time in the comfort of your own home.  It could be done while enjoying outdoors activities by using your smart phone or tablet.  Choose from a wide variety of options and special discounts.  The great part is that gifts can be functional, helpful, thoughtful and most important memorable.

How to Choose Functional & Memorable Christmas Gifts

1- The amount of thought and time put into choosing it, will determine the success and liking of during Christmas morning.

2- Think about the relationship and respond the following questions: are you close to the person? Is it for a colleague? Is it meant for a Secret Santa present?

3- Meditate about the person and not the gift giving action itself.  Make a list of interests, hobbies, favourite movies, and colours, everything you know to be able to choose appropriately.

4- By deciding how much you are willing to spend on each person, you’ll know what items to browse for within that budget.

Xmas Gifts Ideas with a Purpose

For the family member that loses keys and wallet often (at least once a day) we have the Find It All Key Finder.  Imagine not having to stop watching the game in order to help locate the missing items.  We know the advice original purpose was to get gifts for others.  If the gift actually helps you, it could be considered a welcomed plus.

Getting someone a Tetris Light Lamp will qualify as a memorable gift.  Give all the fun of the game with the additional feature of it working as a lamp at the same time. The pieces can be arranged into many combinations and provide hours of lighted fun.

Summer fun always includes a nice chilled beer.  The Chillsner Beer Chiller is the perfect choice for a boyfriend, childhood mates, or as a Kris Kringle gift.  Everyone will want to trade gifts or at least wish it.

Talking about keeping drinks chilled, this next option is for the sophisticated friend or family member.  Give Chillball Wine Ice Cubes and win the functional present giver award.  It is an excellent choice to give friends that entertain frequently and a must for the New Year celebrations.

The last idea to share is a great gift for your children, nieces, and nephews from both sides of the family.   My Christmas Adventure Personalised DVD is their personal action adventure movie.  35 minutes of fun and entertainment featuring them and the family.