Best Gifts to Promote Relaxation and Well-being


Buying presents this holiday season can get exhausting.   We suggest thinking about merchandise that encourages relaxation and well-being.   The aim is to help the recipient slow down, rest and relax.  Your friends and loved ones will feel how much you love and worry about their hectic lifestyle.    Or maybe you can get one for yourself; you deserve it after exhaustingly purchasing presents for everybody else.

Tension smoothing, soothing, relaxing, calming, cosy products are the ones you need to acquire in order to spoil someone.  Go a step further and include a card with some research on the reasons why you know the gift will be perfect for them.

We have five gift ideas meant to benefit health and comfort.  Also find additional information that could be valuable and helpful.  So all you have to do is get the present, write the information on a card and wait for that special someone to be wowed!

Gifts to Sleep Better

Did you know that noises as slow as 40 decibels can keep us awake?  It is important to keep the noise lower or null to sleep better. Avoid or eliminate loud or repetitive noise to be able to fall asleep.  Such noises could be barking dogs, city traffic, loud music from neighbours, even a snoring spouse.  Try using a sound machine, or get a great set of earplugs.

1) Sleepsoft Earplugs – Not getting a good night sleep?  Worry no more because with the Sleepsoft Earplugs unpleasant noises won’t be the cause.  With a special acoustic filter that blocks ambient sounds such as traffic, snoring etc.   It can block aircraft noise while traveling; so it is perfect for home and travel use.

“The laminated structure of SleepSoft earplugs is produced from a unique, durable soft flexible plastic”

2) Decor Star Projector w/ Soothing Sounds –   Nature can sing you the best lullaby.  This little but powerful projector has six different sounds to choose from.  The great thing about this projector is that you can project beautiful stars and feel you are camping under the stars.  It is portable and you can also use it as an MP3 or PC speaker as well.

3) Clock & Alarm Star Projector w/ Soothing Sounds – It has everything the previous item can offer plus a clock and alarm.   You can choose nature sounds but also other relaxing melodies.

Gifts to Help Relax and Improve Well-Being

There are many reasons relaxing is important.  It is known that relaxing can help sleep better.  Stress can cause stomach problems, high blood pressure, and lack of concentration.  Daily routines can be enhanced for a healthier lifestyle such as taking a hot or cold shower.  Hot showers are great to relieve stress and soothe sore muscles.  Cold showers can increase mental awareness and they are better for the hair and skin.

1) Luxury Heatable Cozy Boots – Feet can get tired and aching after a long day of walking, exercising or wearing high heels.  So a perfect gift could be these boots that keep feet warm to help relax.

2) Temperature Sensing LED Shower Head – Let’s face it the right shower temperature is not always achieved.  With the LED shower sensor you can see if the colour and know how hot or cold it might be.  On top of that it will be like having party every time!