Eco-friendly means being kind to the environment by using products that help to save energy consumption, that can be reused often and help reduce pollution.  A new year is about to begin, and one resolution could be to begin or continue to use environment saving items.

The whole idea of using eco-friendly products, give them to loved ones or use in office settings is to allow the conservation of energy and natural resources. What is important to acknowledge is that such products are readily available nowadays with the plus of also being friendly to bank accounts.

Going green is a worthwhile New Year resolution for us all.  It is the perfect time to start using such products and devices to have a personal impact, in the community, the country and the world.   It does not matter if they seem like small changes everything done counts.

The following five products will help reduce water use and energy consumption. Also, the use of solar power to keep your garden beautiful!

5 Must Have Eco-Friendly Items for 2014:

Control My Appliances

One sure way to save energy is to unplug electrical devices. Most people forget to do it on a daily basis.  The Control My Appliances small remote control, allows operating up to 3 channels, and easily turning off main power outlets.  Start the year saving energy.  Great for eco-conscious individuals, elderly family members, and when health issues impede trying to reach low places.

Waterpebble Water Saver

Showering is one of the ways people waste water the most.  Using the small but important Waterpebble Water Saver eventually it could save up to 20 liters per shower.  The small but practical pebble has to be placed in the shower recess near the drain hole.  Once placed there it warns by a changing light when it is time to get out.

Eco Coffee Cup

Stop using disposable coffee cups! Get the Eco Coffee Cup a reusable porcelain cup with silicone slid that can be used over and over again.  Coffee lovers can drink several cups a day. It is dishwasher safe.

RC Mains Power Saver

Simply turning off the TV with the remote does not mean it does not consume energy. Do it easily just by plugging the RC Mains Power Saver to the main socket. The infrared receiver will read the remote when turned on.

Solar Powered Fluttering Butterfly

More than likely this device will not save the world from pollution or waste.  What is certain is that it will make it beautiful.  The Solar Powered Fluttering Butterfly allows to enjoy the beauty of a moving butterfly all day with the help of the sun.