Christmas time combined with summer vacation is the best arrangement for kids.  Choose gifts to be used outdoors and preferably ones with water. Fun is what every child wants to experience during their summer vacation. The following concepts will bring a smile to small and older children alike.  The idea is to allow usually tech savvy children to enjoy outdoor activities. Summer vacations are the most wonderful memories a child can make.

The following products are excellent ideas for Xmas gifts for kids. Find a product description of the item as well as a fun fact or game to be played with each one.  Not only children will enjoy these gift ideas, but the whole family will benefit from the products we choose.


Product features:

  • Design your very own customised kite
  • Kit includes one plain kite, spar rods, reel with flying line, paint, paintbrush and detailed instructions
  • Unique and kid-friendly gift for friends or family
  • Have hours of fun with your friends and family
  • Suitable for ages 5 and up

Game Idea:  Have a kite colouring contest.  Give awards for most original, most unusual, best flying, etc.

2GB Digital Camera Diving Mask

Product features:

  • Rated to a depth of 15 metres with 5MP sensor
  • Can take up to 2300 digital photos or 2 hours of vide
  • LED flash and USB 2.0 high speed interface
  • Tempered glass lens and PVC frame makes it highly durable
  • Pop-up Viewfinder
  • Silicone mask gasket fits comfortably on the face

Fun Fact: Children must be taught the importance of ocean conservation.  A great way to accomplish it is by hands-on experiences such as diving.  It is a fact that diving allows children to learn, mature and develop a love for their environment and beautiful living creatures.  With the added plus of technology the experience will be recorded to remember it always.

Gazillion Hurricane Bubble Machine

Product features:

  • Creates over 4000 bubbles per minute
  • Continuously feeds the wands creating a storm of colourful bubbles
  • Includes a 8oz bottle of their award winning super solution
  • Perfect for parties
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (not included)

Fun Fact:  When you blow so many bubbles right next to each other in narrow container they not always stay round. Pop the bubbles outside and the ones inside will become round again.

Waboba Ball

Product Features:

The Waboba ball is made from a polymer based gel covered with an elastane coating. This special design allows the ball to skip on the water’s surface easily and gives the ball extra buoyancy. This gift is perfect as a stocking stuffer.

Fun fact:  The name Waboba is made out of the first two letters of water bouncing ball.  The game played with it is also called Waboba!

Jumbo Family Pool w/ Filter Pump

Product features:

  • Easy to set up
  • No digging, sand or tools needed for set up
  • Built-in GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)
  • Pool holds 1,779 gallons of water at 80% capacity
  • Includes 530 gph filter pump
  • Convenient drain plug

Game Idea: Play Jaws with a twist.  Blow up balloons and draw shark faces with permanent markers to make it seem more realistic.  Add the balloons to the water and have everyone try to pop them without using their finger nails or teeth.